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Mongoose - Safaris - Tanzania Ltd.

Sekei Road, P.O. Box 8228, Arusha, Tanzania

Telephone: + 255 782 604 311

e-mail: info@mongoose-safaris-tanzania.com

Tourist license class A, member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

Adventurous tents safaris, Serengeti migration programs, Kilimanjaro and Meru climbs, Lengasiti Maasai program

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Since 2009 we operate our company under the new name:
Mongoose Safaris Tanzania Ltd.


Arusha, January 1st 2009


Since the start of operations in 2005, our company specialized in organizing individual semi-luxury tent safaris in Tanzania and the southern part of Kenya, Kilimanjaro climbing and beach holidays. By focussing on this market niche, our company grew dramatically in volume and customer service level, so we felt it time to make the company name express were we stand for.


After consulting the TATO executive secretary mr. Akunaay, we decided to change the name of the company from Tanzania Mataro Safaris Ltd. in Mongoose Safaris Tanzania Ltd.


The mongoose has all kinds of characteristics in which we identify our company:

  • Mongooses don’t belong to one of the Big 5, but they are always present in and outside the parks.
  • The strength of the mongoose is not its size, but by its braveness and quick reaction it overcomes the biggest challenges and kills even the most venomous snakes.
  • The mongoose family is widely spread over the globe with not only African, but also European branches.


For you as our relation nothing changes, as our company and management did not change.

We will only resend all current reservations under the new name and we ask you to update our new name in the current contracts and send them to our office manager Janeth Maeda.


General director:                    Dr. Moinget Ole Kuney.

Telephone + 255 754 45 0510

E-mail: olekuney@ mongoose-safaris-tanzania.com


Operations director:               William Lello Massawe.

Telephone: + 255 784 86 4967

E-mail: william@ mongoose-safaris-tanzania.com


Sales & marketing director:   Hans de Bats.

Telephone + 31 6 51 877 146

E-mail: hans@ mongoose-safaris-tanzania.com


Company address:                 Plot 210/B, Sekei road

P.O. Box 8228

Arusha, Tanzania


Company website:                   www. mongoose-safaris-tanzania.com